Episode 1 – Kuri, Zorro, and Philly Introduce themselves

Join the cast of The Crinkle Cast as they introduce themselves and talk about who they area in the AB/DL Community. We talk about our origin stories, TeddyCon, and share some secrets we didn’t know about each other.

Listen to the episode on Stitcher

Find more information about TeddyCon at: www.TeddyCon.org  

Zorro Daddy

Little Philly  & MommyKuri

7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Kuri, Zorro, and Philly Introduce themselves

  1. I’m so happy I stumbled across this podcast. I was actually doing a search for abdl diapers when I came across it. I want to try new diapers that’s why I was searching. I must say I’m pretty excited to see the new pink diapers coming soon from Rearz. Ya know, I suggested the idea of pink, girly diapers back when Cushies came out. I don’t remember who I suggested them to though. Anyways, I’m still excited. I hope they are thick and loud 🙂 I heard you all talk about getting involved and accepting myself. Could you help me gilet started with that? I am inspired by little Phils experience in finding a mommy. I gotta say, I’m a little turned on by the story of Katie too. Sorry if that’s to blunt, I’m just being honest. Well, I’ll await your reply. I’ll be listening to part 2 while I wait.


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