Episode 1

Kuri, Philly, and Zorro introduce themselves! – Join the cast of The Crinkle Cast as they introduce themselves and talk about who they area in the AB/DL Community.

We talk about our origin stories, TeddyCon, and share some secrets we didn’t know about each other.

Find more information about TeddyCon at: www.TeddyCon.org

Zorro Daddy

Little Philly  & MommyKuri

Episode 2

Mako and Squee Interview – This episode welcomes our friends Mako and Squee to join us in a discussion about finding and forming AB/DL relationships.



Episode 3

Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb Interview – Joining the Crinkle Cast this week is Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb. Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb has been counseling individuals and couples in the area of human sexuality for over 20 years. She received her PhD in clinical sexology from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists in Orlando, FL and her Masters of Science in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. She has certifications in sex therapy, marriage & family therapy and clinical hypnosis.

You can find more information from her website: www.talkaboutsextherapy.com or by emailing her at dr.rhoda@yahoo.com.

Episode 4

Little Smurf Personal Interview – This week on the Crinkle Cast we have a personal interview Smurf a young DL who is new to the community but not to being a DL.

Find Little Smurf here

Episode 5

Brad from BareBum Diapers – This week the Crinkle Cast gets extra crinkly as we talk with Brad from BareBum Diapers.

BareBum Diapers

Episode 6

Interview with Lil_Ella – Join us as we chat with Lil_Ella and talk about life as an age player in the public eye!

Where to find Ella:

Episode 7

Interview with Penji – This week the Crinkle Cast crew learns about the baby fur community from Penji.  What baby fur do you think we all could be?

Where to find Penji:

Episode 8

Interview with Glitter Princess – Join the Crinkle Cast as we chat with Glitter Princess about things girly and advocating for the community

Where to find Glitter Princess:

Episode 9

Turkey and TeddyCon – Little Philly Mommy Kuri and Zorro Daddy along with a live studio audience talk about TeddyCon.

Where to find our Audience:

Episode 10

Jarett and Crinkle Crate – Hang out as the crew gets extra crinkly with Jarett from Crinkle Crate!

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Episode 11

The West Coast Jungle Gym – Join the Crinkle Crew as they get to know the crew from the West Coast Jungle Gym!

Where to find the West Coast Jungle Gym:

Episode 12

ArcadianX – Welcome to the first episode of Season 2! Listen as special guest ArcadianX talks about building furniture.

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Episode 13

Mommy Red – Join the Crinkle Cast Crew for a personal interview with Mommy Red .

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Episode 14

Seattle Diaper Boi – The Crinkle Cast is back with a personal interview with the hilarious Seattle Diaper Boi!

Where to find Seattle Diaper Boi:

CrinkleCastPocast · Episode 14 SeattleDiaperBoi Interview

Episode 15

ABDL IslanderJoin the Crinkle Crew as we get to know ABDL Islander in this personal interview.

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Episode 16

Boy SproutJoin the Crinkle Crew as we get to know ABDL Islander in this personal interview.

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